Bloons 3 is the best Bloons game EVER!!!!!

Bloons 3 has New Levels,New Bloons,and New Powerups

Levels Edit

Training HQ Edit

Level 1 Bloons 3 30 Bloons

Level 2 Bloon Headquarters 100 Bloons 5 Bomb Bloons

Grassy Plains Edit

Level 1 Bees 10 Bee Bloons 50 Bloons

Level 2 Flowers 15 Bee Bloons 5 Flower Bloons

Level 3 Beehive 20 Bee Bloons 10 Bloons

Level 4 Humans 150 Bloons

Level 5 Snipers 100 Bloons 20 Sniper Bloons

Level 6 Arrows 50 Bloons 5 Triple Dart Bloons

Level 7 Snipers 2 250 Bloons 50 Sniper Bloons

Level 8 Arrows 2 150 Bloons 15 Triple Dart Bloons

New Bloons Edit

Bomb Bloons

Sniper Bloons

New Powerups Edit


Sniper Gun

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