Towers Edit

dart monkey: better in btd5(triple darts)(juggernaut)

tack shooter : better in btd5(blade maelstrom ability is awesome!

boomerangers :better in btd5(bionic boomer)

bomb tower:better in btd5

ice tower: better in btd5

glue gunner:better in btd4

mortar tower better in btd4

Returning Edit

Btd4 Edit

Challenges Edit

Challenge 1 Pass Warp Track on Medium with only Warp Towers!

Challenge 2 Pass Fireworks on Easy with only Firework Towers!

Challenge 3 Defeat 50 Moabs with $50000 on Moab Track

Challenge 4 Pass Circles without losing a single life!

Challenge 5 Defeat 50 BFBs with $100000 on BFB Track

Challenge 6 Defeat 50 Zombs with $150000 on Zomb track

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