Rank 1 Dart Monkey

Rank 2 Boomerang Monkey

Rank 3 Sniper Monkey

Rank 4 Tack Shooter

Rank 5 Road Spikes

Rank 6 Ninja Monkey

Rank 7 Glue Gunner

Rank 8 Monkey Glue

Rank 9 Bomb Tower

Rank 10 Ice Tower,Exploding Pineapple,Pro Towers Only Special Mission.,Romans Special Mission Co-Op Mode

Rank 11 Monkey Apprentice

Rank 12 Monkey Buccaneer

Rank 13 Monkey Ace

Rank 14 Super Monkey

Rank 15 Monkey Village,Protect Monkey City

Rank 16 Banana Farm

Rank 17 Dartling Gun

Rank 18 Dart Board

Rank 19 Dart Monkey Tier 4 Upgrades,Spike Factory,Daily Challenges

Rank 20 Boomerang Monkey Tier 4 Upgrades,There Can Be Only Zero

Rank 21 Sniper Monkey Tier 4 Upgrades

Rank 22 Tack Shooter Tier 4 Upgrades,Bloonchipper

Rank 23 Ninja Monkey Tier 4 Upgrades

Rank 24 Glue Gunner Tier 4 Upgrades

Rank 25 Sandbox Mode

Rank 26 Bomb Tower Tier 4 Upgrades

Rank 27 Ice Tower Tier 4 Upgrades

Rank 28 Clocktower

Rank 29 Monkey Apprentice Tier 4 Upgrades

Rank 30 Monkey Buccaneer

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