Here are the list of upgrades

Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3 Upgrade 4
Long Range Fast Reload Juggernaut Supernaut
Sharp Shots Super Sharp Shots Camo Sight Transform
Paint Balls Camo Balls Invisible Balls Giant Balls

Path 1 Edit

Long Range Edit

It now has more range $150

Fast Reload Edit

It now reloads faster $250

Juggernaut Edit

It now shoots 2 balls $500

Supernaut Edit

It now shoots 3 balls $1000

Path 2 Edit

Sharp Shots Edit

The balls are sharper $100

Super Sharp Shots Edit

The balls are even sharper $200

Camo Sight Edit

It can now see camo $300

Transform Edit

It can turn Darts into Spike-o-pults $1250

Path 3 Edit

Painted Balls Edit

The balls are painted so they can not recognize it $200

Camo Balls Edit

The balls are camo so they can not see it $400

Invisible Balls Edit

The balls are invisible so it is a mystery $800

Giant Balls Edit

The balls are giant so they knock out a lot $1500

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