The towers in Bloons td 6 are the same as in Bloons td 5, but with some new ones. There are 2 new normal towers that are the Druid and the alchemist. Also the are 4 heroes that you can choose from and more secret agents that now are upgradable. Also the normal towers have 3 paths and 5 upgrades per path. Just like Bloons td 5, you can only have 2 pathes and 1 can be above there 2nd upgrade. Also only one tower can have a 5th upgrade.

Here is a list of towers in BTD 6, with short descriptions: Edit

  1. The Dart Monkey - A cheap, basic tower that is the first you unlock in the game. The upgrade paths are: 1, Slower shots, low damage, hitting many bloons at once e.g Juggernaught, 2) Increasing the power of other dart monkey with an ability e.g Super Monkey Fan Club or 3) fast, damaging shots that only hit a single bloon e.g Crossbow.
  2. The Tack Shooter - The tack shooter is a cheap tower with extremely short range and low rate of fire, however it compensates for this by shooting out multiple tacks in all directions, 8 at base level.